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As an employee in an international, large corporation - TechnipFMC with 17 000 people - I have contributed as lecturer and coach/facilitator for individuals and groups, and have accumulated valuable experience.
Roughly speaking, this is about helping managers to handle their job better, and generally helping colleagues to manage demanding days at work.
Examples of what I can assist with:

Feedback from Participants

This is from a course held for customers in Italy:
 "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge, and you are a brilliant teacher and worker who managed to awaken my curiosity and thirst for wisdom. Thank you so much for your time. I really Glad to have met you.
Looking forward to see you again. Sincerely, Francesco."

Francesco Pitzalis, ENI Milano, 23. februar 2017

My lecturing experience dates back to my Ph.D. days, but then it was chemistry, thermodynamics and industrial process technology. This last topic (“subsea processing”) I still teach, for customers and colleagues worldwide, and in universities. I draw on experience from about 30 years since I graduated, including my time as manager, ranging from small startups to huge corporations¹.
Gradually I’ve been used more and more by HR. This is very rewarding in many ways. I guess this confirms what others say; the more devoted you are, the more inspiration you get back. And the gestalt craftsmanship is used all along.
As an illustrator I base my presentation material mainly on my own drawings, investing a bit of pride in delivering courses and sessions that reach the participants and feel relevant. The leading star is simplicity and brilliance as we can see it on
¹ Some of the places I’ve worked: Hydro Agri, Porsgrunn: Maintenance manager, Plant Inspector. Self-employed as illustrator/industrial designer. Venturie AS, a start-up offering gas reabsorption from crude oil tankers. Run by me and the working chairman. TechnipFMC: ‘Specialist Engineer Subsea Processing' plus the above tasks.